HCL Officially Withdrawn
An organization for retired and former library employees/staff



Chronology of HCL taken from the paper:

1890 – In the early 1890’s Gratia Countryman brought books to county residents.

1915 – Miss Josephine Cloud assisted Miss Countryman with deliveries. Nils Barlindhang – first book wagon driver.

1922 – Miss Josephine Cloud assigned first Director of Hennepin County Library. Miss Pearl Sabin replaces Miss Cloud. Miss Pauline Field replaces Miss Sabin. First year staff included Miss Fabian, stenographer; Loren Cahlender, errand boy; Miss Bakken, clerk. In July a Model T Ford book wagon was added. Francis Matson, first driver.

1925 –  1947 – Miss Ethel Berry was director of Hennepin County Library from February 1925 – October 1947.

1925 – Miss Field resigns and is replaced by Miss Ethel Berry.

1932 – The second book wagon, a Dodge, needed replacing. Carl Hagen was the driver.

1933-37  – New book truck with a REO chassis…

1938 – Miss Beryl Leigl, first assistant at Hennepin County Library headquarters, resigns and is replaced by Miss Helen Young.

1939 – Carl Hagen, book truck driver, resigns and is replaced by Olaf Jacobsen.

1947 – Miss Berry resigns and is replaced by Miss Young as Director. Miss Margaret Cutler was appointed as Miss Young’s assistant.

1951 – New bookmobile built on 1-1/2 ton Dodge truck.

1954 – Miss Arlene Russell joins staff. Book circulation reaches 1 million.

1958 – Book delivery truck added. Second bookmobile added.

Excerpted from History of the Hennepin County Library, Thelma Jones, 1962

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HCL Officially Withdrawn